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Our backs are the axis for everything physical to happen to our bodies. It is a phenomenal structure that is designed to carry information from the brain to all the different parts of our bodies. It can take huge mechanical load and yet is flexible to allow us to move gracefully too.

As a result of an injury or years of neglect with poor posture or even overuse in the wrong way there are a number of problems that a back can suffer. It’s often only when you feel actual pain that you look for help, painkillers don’t solve the problem they simply hide it. Backs and the associated structure are wonderfully complex. The solution to your problem needs expert attention.

I have had in depth training and years of experience helping people with back conditions. From simple muscle imbalances through to Spinal Cord Injury issues.

As with my all of my practice I will look at you as a whole and aim to treat the cause of the problem. My aim is to work with you collaboratively rather than on you - it ideally needs to be a working partnership!

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